2018 Parades

Standard Bearers – Nashville # 1 – Kristopher M. Fisher, Jackson # 13 Christopher Epitia.

Sunny day for Greeneville’s Christmas Parade. EGCH Joe Byrd and Dist. 12 DGHP Dwayne Wells.


About to march in the Jackson Christmas Parade


From (L-R) John Simmons, Austin Blankenship, EGW Bobby Blankenship, Jr., DDGHP District 1 William V. (Bill) Mullins, REGC Burks Taylor, MEGK Steven G. Barnett


From (L-R) Standard Bearer Jackson Commandery No 13, Christopher Epitia, REGC Burks Taylor, DDGHP, District 1 William V. (Bill Mullins) EGW Bobbie Blankenship, Jr., EGG Billy Young, Austin Blankenship, David Wadell, John Simmons, Standard Bearer Nashville Commander No. 1, Kristopher M. Fisher

Members of Jackson Lodge No. 45 along with MIGM David A. Lacy and the Grand Salty Dog, MEGK Steven G. Barnett

From (L-R) REGC Burks Taylor, MEGK Steven G. Barnett, Grand Lecturer, Roger Beecham, District Chairman Randall Lomax, MIGM David A. Lacy