Group Meeting – District 9, July 21, 2018 MEGHP Homecoming

REPGC Terry L. Plemons

What the Grand Commander Burks Taylor will do to raise money for the Holy Land Pilgrimage Endowment fund

MEGHP Derek Cheek from North Carolina. Oh Mr. South Paw!

REGK Steven G. Barnett

A mystery man from North Carolina – Tom Bridges

Most Puissant Grand Salty Dog of North America, the Bahamas, Planet Earth, The Milky Way Galaxy, and the Universe!

Grand Salty Dog is a camera hound!

Grand Salty Dog, REGK Steven G. Barnett

REG Chaplain Justin Huggins and GMPR District 9 David Olds

VEDGC Clarence Crump, MIPGM (2002) Royce Peterson, Austin Blankenship, Lexington, TN, and the only and only and infamous Derek Cheek MEGHP from the state of North Carolina

Grand Salty Dog

In the blue shirt, that be the Daddy to our MEGHP. That would be Richard R. Petty Sr.

REPDC Terry L. Plemons… Every time he got wet, they had to add more water!

Now I know Tom Bridges from North Carolina had a cigar in his mouth, but what does Terry Plemons have in his???

MIPGM (2017) Paul Richards, REPGC (2014) JD Crockett, and MIPGM (2016) Wayne Elder

REPGC (2017) Wayne Gunter, Charles Ledbetter, Oak Ridge, MEPGHP (2017) Ronald J. Coates, MIPGM (2017) Paul Richards

In the flowery shirt, that would be the Grand Secretary for Knight Masons, REGS David Cashion

MIPGM Royce Peterson and his lady Sandy and John Simmons

Heather Olds having fun with the little ones!

The one trying to throw would be Jim Arnhart, IGM

The best $40.00 the Grand Commander spent all day! To push one button!

The fellow on the outside is GMPR District 9 David Olds and I believe the one in the tank is the MIGM David A. Lacy

The one pushing the button, is the daughter to the one in the tank, that would be Miss Jasmine!

The MEGHP Richard R. Petty

This boy can’t hit the broad side of a barn. That would be REPGC Terry L. Plemons

MIGM David A. Lacy

MEGHP Richard R. Petty

MEPGHP (2014) Bobby Officer and MEGHP from North Carolina Derek Cheek

MEGHP Richard R. Petty waiting to get wet again!

I believe Ms. Jasmine is about to dunk the RIDGM Garry Carter

She missed! But in the end she got him wet!

In the hat, Richard R. Petty, Sr.

MEGHP Richard R. Petty, Jr.

REGS Jared Karpel and Ms. Laya

The fellow with the cane is GMPR from District 4 Bobby Blankenship and his son Austin is beside him in the black shirt.

He missed!

MEPGHP (2016) David C. Swaim and his Lady Shirley and in the center is Amy Carter Lady to the RIDGM Garry L. Carter