2018 Great Smokey Mountain Summer Assembly

Joe and Laurel Harrison

Casey Hood with Noelle and Sharon Mixon

The Legend, wtih Garry and Amy Carter

Dwight and Betsy Hastings

Billy and Terry Peck

David & Shirley Swaim

Earl Creech

Burks Taylor REGC of TN shaking hands with David Ladd, REGC of NC

Dickie Johnson, MWGM of the Grand Lodge of TN

Group Photo

Nancy and Alvin Hill, PGC, Mike Lett, MEPGHP, Paul Richards, MIPGM. Marshall Horn, MIPGM, Wayne Gunter PGC, Jim Arnhart, Amy Carter and the Legend.

Marshall Horn, MIPGM, Paul Richards, MIPGM, Mike Lett, MEPGHP

Alvin and Nancy Hill

Wayne Gunter, PGC, Jim Arnhart, Grand Marsahal, Amy Carter, with the Legend Orville Armstrong, MWPGM

Cliff and Frances Baker

David Lacy MIGM of GC of TN shaking hands with David Ladd REGC of North Carolina

David Lacy, MIGM, Cryptic Masons of TN

Dickie McKinney talking to Casey Hood

Roy Etherton, Laddie Wilson, Dickie Johnson all MWPGM, Gerry Reed, DDGHP D6

William A. Peck IGPCW, Bobby Blankenship, GMPR District 4, David Swaim MEPGHP 2016

Casey L. Hood, MEPGM 2017, Tony Edge, Charlie Mixon, RWSGW, Joe Harrison, MWPGM

Roy Etherton, RWGS and MWPGM, Dickie McKinney, MWGM, Billy Cutlip, MWPGM

Dickie McKinney, MWGM of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee